Have you thought to become a superhero someday? Do you know that real superheroes don’t wear a cape? They wear medical uniforms – most of them are paramedics. It is not easy to become a paramedic, it’s not a profession that is taken easily. 

It takes immense perseverance,  dreadful weather conditions, troublesome lifting, being fatigued, puked, and drooled on, and exposed to all forms of body fluids you can think of. Not backing out yet? Then let’s proceed, because in reality being a paramedic is one of the most gratifying jobs there is.

Being a paramedic means you have a lot of chance to help mitigate distressed people. There’s nothing more fulfilling than helping a mother deliver her baby, tending an old person or kid who is terrified and starts to trust you with their lives. There’s nothing more delightful than being able to alleviate someone’s pain. 

Being a paramedic means you will stand between a person’s life and death. Considering that you are reading this it means you are on your way to becoming one.

Paramedics undergo training to be able to perform advanced life support (ALS), they are trained to administer intravenous fluids, injections, medications and performs advanced life-saving techniques and procedures.

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